Understanding the Impact Distractions Have on Golfers

Non-golfers like to poke fun at golfers for getting upset when there is a noise during their backswing that sends their swing out of tempo – and a bad shot comes as a result. As a golfer, you understand that being distracted when you are in the middle of your swing is a challenging issue that can create a bad shot through no fault of your own. If a noise should occur while you are swinging, try your best to stay focused and finish the swing all the way to the follow through.

However, there are other distractions that can occur during the round of golf that you can work on ignoring. These distractions happen between shots, and can negatively affect your score if you let them. Watch out for the three distractions below and learn to put them aside while you are trying to play a good round of golf.

  • Phone calls. Now that most people have a cell phone with them at all times, it is easy to get distracted by a phone call during a round of golf. Not only is it distracting to stand there are talk for a minute or two, but the topic of the conversation might live on in your head for several more holes. If it is feasible, try to turn your phone off during the round and leave those distractions aside. If you must keep it on, try to keep calls to a minimum and clear your head before hitting another shot.
  • Other golfers playing poorly. If another member of your group is playing particularly badly, it can rub off on your game if you aren’t careful. When you notice this start to be the case, try looking away while they are hitting so you don’t get caught up in the mistakes that they are making. Regardless of how poorly another player is doing during a given round, you can always play your best if you focus and stick to your game plan.
  • On-course conversation. Chatting with your playing partners during the round is part of the fun of golfing with friends, but it can be distracting at a certain point. Make sure that you curtain your talks before you get ready to hit your next shot so you can focus on picking a clear target and making a good swing. There is plenty of time to chat between shots, or after the round – don’t let yourself get distracted when it is your turn to play.