Good Visualization is the Key in Golf

There is so much more to playing good golf than just making pretty swings and hitting solid putts. Of course, it helps tremendously if you are able to execute properly from a technical standpoint, but that alone won’t get you around the course in a good score. The mental side of the game is crucially important as well, so you will need to practice both the physical and mental parts of your golf game if you want to reach your goals.

One of the biggest pieces to the mental game puzzle is the process of visualization. Golfers who are able to correctly visualize their shots before they hit them are a step ahead because they will be able to better game plan around the course having pictured the shots they want to hit. Also, a clear mental picture of your shot before you hit it can give you confidence that you will be able to execute the shot properly.

  • Here are three quick tips to help you improve your visualization on the golf course.
  • Make it part of your routine. Even if you aren’t very good at visualizing your shots currently, build it in to your pre shot routine and try to improve at it with each round. Make it a habit to visualize each shot before you hit it, and before long you should find that your visualization skills have improved dramatically.
  • Do it on the range as well. Just like practicing your swing, you can practice your visualization on the driving range also. Try visualizing each shot you hit prior to making the swing, and then see how the results compare to what you had pictured in your mind. Over time, you should be able to start to close the gap between reality and what you are picturing before you make the swing.
  • Know your shots. Don’t try to visualize – and then hit – a shot that you aren’t capable of pulling off. If you are a player who hits a fade on every shot all day long, don’t try to hit a draw just because the hole calls for it. Instead, picture how your fade can work to produce the best shot possible without going too far out of your comfort zone. This is one of the best reasons to visualize each shot – it forces to you to ‘see’ the shot you are trying to hit, and hopefully you will realize through that process that it is important to remain within your capabilities.