A Tried and Tested Method to Cure Chipping Yips

Usually there are 3 things that the golfer is trained about, when it comes to addressing position. Ball Position should be behind the center of your stance, Hands should be ahead of the Ball and Weight should be applied in the forward direction. The standing position sometimes lead to yips or more often called, the Chipping Yips. Chipping yips is basically when you are not confident about the shot you are about to play and when you hit the ground before touching the ball during your shot. It must be taken care of as it effects each and every shot you play. Here are a few tips that can help you in overcoming this problem.

Set-up Problem

The set-up problem is sometimes the cause of Yips and it is annoying for most of the players who are unable to see it clearly. It is considered as the root cause which gives rise to decrease in confidence and sloppy shots with low accuracy.

Solution to this problem is that, you should play the ball a little ahead of the center of your stance. The handle of the club should also be ahead of the ball and 50-60% of your weight distribution should be in the forward direction. Your posture should be in such a way that your Breastbone should be slightly ahead of the ball. You should maintain this position during the swing.

Thinking Problem

Other main aspect of yips is the low confidence level. Once a person fails during the shots due to the posture he stands in, he loses confidence in himself and then even after he recovers his posture, he fails to produce good shots. He is mentally occupied and he cannot play good shots.

Drills for overcoming the mentioned Problem

There are a few drills that can be carried out for overcoming this problem. They are explained below.

  1. You should practice without keeping the score in mind after setting your posture. If you feel like the setup is incorrect, you can always dig a shaft in the ground and align your sternum with that and follow the line of action then.
  2. If you are a right handed player, you should use your right hand to experience the motion of your power producing hand freely. You just have to use the right hand and right side of your body and follow that line when using both the hands.
  3. Avoid the margin errors which give you more bounce. You should enjoy them before you can overcome it but you really should overcome it with the time.