Vital Advice On How To Stop Duffing The Golf Ball

Duffing the golf ball refers to an action the golfer experiences when they try to hit the ball. This happens when the club head hits the ground first before the ball. Some of the turf may come up before your club gets a chance to come in contact with the ball. The ball may also get topped; it won’t fly in the air like you thought it would and instead rolls on the ground. Overall, you didn’t make good contact with the ball and you need to make some adjustments to how you come in to make contact. Here are some tips to help you avoid this shot.

Look For Ways to Avoid the Shot

The duffing shot is something many golfers don’t like to experience. This can come off a little embarrassing but it happens, even to experienced players every once in a while. The best way to avoid this shot is to pinpoint problem areas in your execution. When this occurs consider what happened and how to avoid it again. Did you swing to low or did you have your attention somewhere else? What about your position behind the ball or did you have tension in your grip?

Have a Target that is Realistic

Make sure your target is something you can actually hit. Some golfers try to get the ball into an area that is way further than they can hit. When you try to hit the ball further than real expectations you create more pressure on yourself. If you have a target area you feel you can get the ball to you will be more confident and comfortable in your abilities. Plus, you will have a better idea of how to execute the shot with the right elements such as your stance, posture, alignment and swing motion.

Have a Pre-Shot Routine

The pre-shot routine can help you plan your next move with a higher chance for better results. Think about how you want to execute the shot. Practice your swing motion and consider your stance, alignment, ball position and grip technique. Use this routine to help plan your move and keep tension away. You can always make changes to this routine but it helps to have something you can keep consistently. You can use your pre-shot routine to help you remember what you should do to get the result you want.