How to Cure the Slice: Advice for Left-Handed Golfers

Left-handed golfers can enjoy great rounds on the golf course just as right-handed players. Yet, some feel they may slice the ball more often because of their play technique. In many cases, left-handed players would do things backwards or in reverse of what a right-handed player does when making shots. But for left-handers, there are a few points to pay attention to that could really make a difference in hitting better shots without slicing. Here are 5 tips to think about.

  1. Make sure you have the right equipment to help you make the play. Use golf clubs for left-handed players and keep in mind, some instruction given for right-handed players may need to be completed in reverse.
  2. Check your grip and how you set up for the shot. Often you may find tips on how to improve grip for right-handed players. You can consider such details when you reverse instructions. Yet, there are elements to your grip to pay close attention to depending on how you setup for your shot. Consider the amount of pressure you use in your grip when you go into your backswing and come down to make contact with the ball.
  3. Access your swing method including your downswing technique. You may need to make changes to your swing plane to make your swing steeper. Consider your target area in which you want to hit the ball toward. As you swing your club should follow a smooth plane you create based on body positioning behind the ball. You can experiment and make changes to how you position yourself behind the ball (either closer or further away) to determine the best angle for your swing to achieve a solid plane.
  4. Are you releasing the club as you swing through? If you don’t release this leads to an open clubface. The target faces the back of your hand when you release correctly as a left-handed player. As you release you may notice a difference in grip pressure and it should be easier for you to follow through behind the ball as the ball moves forward.
  5. Keep your clubface square when you make impact with the ball. A square clubface can reduce slicing for left-hand players. This means you need to consider how you setup for the shot in order to ensure you keep your clubface in line with the back of the ball.