Playing Golf in Portugal: the Main Challenges of the Pine Cliffs Course

The Pine Cliffs Golf Course is a beautiful area that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. What is so unique about this course is it sits on top of a hill that overlooks a number of beach areas. This can be a little intimidating for golfers that are not used to playing with height. But many agree this makes the trip inviting and well worth the visit. While this isn’t the only challenge there are a few things to keep in mind when playing the Pine Cliffs Golf Course that could give your game some advantage.

Various Trees Are Lined Along the Fairway and Ocean

If you are someone who has a hard time playing tree areas this could be your best challenge yet. If you take a look at a map of the Pine Cliffs course you can see how the course got its name. There are plentiful trees all around the perimeter as well as trees throughout the fairway on the green. Your skills will really be put to the test as far as getting your ball past them or getting them to land in an area that will make it easier for you to play it.

Golf Course Features a Unique Strategic Design

The Pine Cliffs Golf Course has a design like no other course. Many courses tend to have a basic circular or oblong shape design. This course has curves and edges that add to its challenging appeal. There are golfers that admire this design and feel it really puts their skills in a whole different perspective. Part of the course runs along the Atlantic Ocean. There are a few lines of trees that run through the middle and toward the back end of the course.

A Fair Number of Bunkers and Rolling Hills along the Fairway

The Pine Cliffs Golf Course has a few bunkers in the middle making it somewhat of a challenge to hit the ball with length without it landing in a hazard. Here is a good example of how important it is to be accurate with your shots. There are areas toward the back of the course that lines the Atlantic Ocean where you could get in a few long shots. Just make sure you don’t hit the ball too hard to where it lands in the trees or rolls near the ocean line.