The O'connor Golf Course In Albufeira: Detailed Review

The O’Connor golf course with its almost tropical feel will stick in your memory long after you have played it. Each hole presents its own little challenge and none of them were designed to be easy. Perhaps what the course is best known for is its various water hazards which span across the entire property. There are also a number of obstacles which can throw you off if you are note focused. But all-in-all the course boasts some magnificent scenery which is tough to beat anywhere else in Albufeira.

Streams and lakes

A notable feature of Albufeira’s O’Connor course is the collection of water hazards presented. There are a number of long streams that span across the course from one end to another. These make for very tight navigation, especially when you consider all the bunkers and other obstacles present. Add to that the large lakes here and there and you will be forced to wonder what percentage of the course is covered in water.

Obstacles are placed for a reason

Every time you see an obstacle, it will feel as if it is snickering at you. The designers of the course wanted players to think carefully about every shot before making it. These obstacles come in the form of water features, trees, bunkers and many other natural formations within the course—so tread carefully.

What you can expect to see

The scenery on the course is something magnificent. Orange groves cover the outside area of the O’Connor golf course and there are some pleasant plants which blend in well with the natural rock formations. There is also a fair amount of wildlife on the course and you are sure to catch sight of different animals while you are playing.

5-star treatment of players

There is a top class restaurant at the club and the food is said by many to be excellent. The club staff are also very courteous and will make you feel right at home every time you visit. This little extra is what makes so many players return—for golf and for the great service.

The O’Connor Golf Course is certainly worth a visit and will leave you pleasantly surprised at the challenge and the playability of the course. The scenery is hard to beat and will prove to relax your mind and stimulate your golf skills at the same time.