Best Putting Golf Tips From Professional Players

You listen to the coach, practice hours every day, yet the putt you play on the green is more of guesswork. This won’t help improve your score in any way. Unlike other golf shots, putting need more planning and precise implementation. If your putt play isn’t perfect, here are some tips from some of the best professional players.

  • The putt makes up a large portion of the shots you play on the golf course. Most players do not pay special attention to putt shot. Hire a specialist – Yes, you need a specialist putt instructor to master every aspect – from reading the green to playing the stroke – of the putt shot.

  • In the case of the putt shot, you strike the back of the ball and not the center. This forces a change in the standard ball position. After assuming a proper stance, position the back of the ball at the center of the stance. Those adopting a square to square shot can place the ball slightly forward of the center position.

  • In putt play, the ball doesn’t need to travel more than a few yards. Hence, you need to focus on control rather than speed. To hit the ball accurately over a short distance your hands, arms, and shoulders need to be in a relaxed position. There is no dominant hand in the case of the putt. What’s required is a firm, but relaxed grip on the putter.

  • When you’re addressing the ball, it’s important that you’re able to see the putting line (i.e.) the imaginary line that connects the ball and the target or hole. To get it right, get your eyes on top of the ball. You can practice with your pro teacher or use a putting tool to see directly over the ball.

  • Ask any golf coach or professional player they’ll tell you that most players are depth-deficient. For them, the hole looks a lot closer than its original position. Request your coach to give you a test to check your depth perception. Once that’s done, a simple drill will help you overcome the problem. On the putting practice green place the ball some distance from the hole. Walk away few yards from the ball at a spot that’s equal distance from the ball and the hole. Now, point the putter to the ball and from that point swing towards the hole. The speed of the swing must be equal to the pace at which you want the ball to travel. Now, you have got a fair idea of the speed at which you need to hit the ball.