Everything You Need To Know About Taking Up Golf

When it comes to starting a recreational hobby like golf, it is not as simple as purchasing the tools and “winging it” until you understand everything there is to know. There are a significant amount of rules for the game and etiquette regulations that you should know and understand how to follow before you ever step foot on the course. This can make the prospect of picking up the game relatively intimidating. However, if you have the desire to play and the commitment to learn the requirements and rules then you will be just fine. Some of the elements of taking up golf include the attire for the course, having the proper equipment, and knowing course etiquette.

If you have made the decision to start playing golf, then you will need to take a run to the local sporting goods store and pick up a couple of items. Some of the most important items include:

  • Golf shirt – must have a collar
  • Shorts, skirt, or pants – must be course appropriate
  • No denim
  • Wear a leather belt
  • Wear shoes designed for golf

A great suggestion for new golfers is to start with taking a lesson at a local golf club. There are golf professionals who will work with you for an hour teaching you the swing and how to properly stand in order to hit the ball. You are advised to start your golf career at the driving range in order to get your swing down. This way you will be able to productively play your first time through the course.

When it comes to having the proper equipment for the game, you will need the right set of clubs for you and your body. Every person has a different need for various heights, weights, and sizes of clubs. You can visit a consultant for this information in regard to your own body type and club needs at your local sporting goods store. You will need a golf glove for your non-dominant hand. You will need the proper golf shoes that will be comfortable, easy to walk in on the course, and not damage the course.

Finally, when it comes to etiquette on the courses there are a couple of ground rules that you should be aware of. First, you must always come properly dressed. Second, you must wait your turn and not get rowdy on the course. Third, if you are taking too long on a hole, then it is proper to let a group of more experienced players play through. Fourth, if you hit a ball and it is going toward an area where there may be people you have to yell “four” to alert everyone that there might be a ball coming toward them.