The Simple Secret to Avoiding Bogeys on the Golf Course

Golf is a very unique and breathtaking game. It requires complete attention of a person’s mind and one has to play it with complete interest without any attention diverting obstacles. There are a few techniques that are supposed to be followed if you want to become a Pro-Golfer. If you really think that these Pro-Golfers just go to the field and hit uncalculated shots without any pre-planning, I am afraid that you would be wrong.

For becoming a Pro, the first thing to choose is the spot for placing the Tee. The Tee has to be placed in such area where it gives you the most positive circumstances of hitting a Fairway. A left-handed Pro-Golfer will arrange his setting on the far right if he is aiming to hit a hook. A Pro-golfer can easily make his adjustments according to the requirements of the shot he is about to play. The golfer should hit the ball in the direction which shall provide him the best angle to the flag above the hole or the Pin. Also, he should never play 3 consecutive slow shots but in fact, should try to reach the green zone within 2 or 3 shots and then use the putt shot technique according to the conditions. Before reaching the putt shot, the golfer must aim to reach the area in front of the hole and as near to it, as possible. Sometimes the courses are very difficult and are filled with hurdles like water, or rough surfaces, etc. In this scenario, the Pro-Golfers know what to do in order to avoid all these hurdles and play a clean shot which can earn them a maximum score. They land close to the pin and then to avoid the on ground hurdles they can always hit a small aerial shot and reach the hole and earn the maximum out of it. But then again, for newbies, these hurdles are a call for a few more Bogeys and lesser points as compared to Pros. A golfer should never hit a slow shot if he thinks that even his slow shot would be enough to reach the green zone. The Pro-Golfers hit a calculated, powerful shot in order to reach their target and get near to it as much as possible so that the proceeding shots are easy to hit.

Golf needs a really good calculation on the field. And for avoiding these Bogeys, one has to make the most out of his first shot and hit as nearer to the target as possible so that the Bogeys are reduced later in the game.