5 Things To Watch Out For When Booking A Golf Vacation Package In Albufeira

There are five things about Albufeira you need to know before booking a golf holiday there. It’s a wonderful place to play golf and if you’ve never been there, there are other aspects you should get ready for too. Here are five aspects related to golf, and general holiday stuff.

It’s predominantly a beach city

Pack for a beach holiday as well as for a golfing one. If you are going with your family, chances are they will nag you to go with to the beach. And why not? The Albufeira beach is massive and full of fun activities that will compliment your golf holiday. It’s hot almost every day so pack some sunscreen too.

There are annual events in Albufeira

Check out what events or street parties are taking place in Albufeira during your stay. These will play a large part in your experience in the region. Golf will take up some of your time, but you are sure to be distracted by the vibrant nightlife that lights up the streets and venues of Albufeira. There’s always something taking place, so ask your agent about what’s scheduled for that week.

It’s a popular golf spot

Remember that Albufeira is a hotspot for golfers from all around the world. Many neighbouring European countries also travel there for a long weekend or extended stay. For this reason, book your course times in advance and don’t let anyone deny you the golfing experience you came for.

Golf courses can be windy

Because some of the Albufeira courses are right on the beach, they can be quite windy at times. Give your golf resort a call and ask someone there which courses are the least windy and what times during the day you should play. Otherwise, simply practice your golf in windy conditions and prepare yourself for the challenge.

Golf attire is sometimes strict

Be sure to pack proper golf attire so that you don’t end up spending money on buying it there. Some of the golf courses in Albufeira are fairly strict about golf etiquette and clothing is one aspect of it. So while your local golf course may not be too strict about how you dress, those in Albufeira are on a more professional level—so make sure you don’t stand out when you arrive.