How to Play Golf: Eliminate Your Swing Flaws

Every golf swing has flaws. Even the best players in the world struggle with the flaws in their swing, and no golf swing is ‘perfect’. It is all about eliminating as many flaws as you can until the swing you are left with is able to produce good shots on a regular basis. If you strive for perfection, you will be sadly disappointed.

There are a few different ways to try and eliminate as many of the flaws from your golf swing as possible. Use one or more of the following ideas to set yourself on a path toward better golf –

  • Take lessons from a pro. Getting direct, one on one instruction from a golf professional might be the fastest way to improve your game. A good teaching pro will be able to pick out one or more flaws in your swing right away, and will recommend ways to improve on them. Golf lessons aren’t terribly expensive, and they can help you make changes that could benefit your game for years to come.
  • Video tape your swing. If you would rather take a DIY approach to improving your swing, considering using a video camera to record some shots on the practice range. Take the tape home and watch it back over and over, looking for potential problems that could be leading to poor shots. You can also find swing videos of professionals online that you can compare to your own in the effort to fix problems.
  • Ask a friend. If you have some friends that you play golf with frequently, ask them if they have noticed anything different in your swing recently. Sometimes, new flaws will crop up over time without you even noticing. Your buddies might be able to point out something that you are doing different which could be leading to problems in your game.
  • Play through it. Not all swing flaws need to be intentionally corrected – sometimes they will go away on their own if you just do your best to play through it. Stick to some simple swing thoughts like tempo and balance, and try to put the technical elements of the swing out of your mind. If you are able to do that, and just focus on playing golf instead of worrying about technique, you might find that your swing sorts itself out in no time at all.