Easy Recommendations On How To Play Golf For Cheap

Even the most ardent golfer will admit that it is not the cheapest hobby. While a keen footballer needs nothing more than a £10 ball and perhaps some boots if he/she wants to play on a field, golf requires you invest serious amounts of money in a set of golf clubs and a membership at a club. However, playing the game you love does not entail breaking the bank. If you are watching the pennies and you still want to play golf while also making big savings, here are a few tips that will help you have higher numbers in your bank account and lower ones on your scorecard.

Play in the winter

Now you might think "winter golf" means frozen fairways, hand warmers, teeing off mats and playing an orange ball but that is not always the case. Winter golf could mean flying to the Algarve in Portugal for an uber-cheap golfing vacation. There are plenty of empty golf resorts in exotic locations all over the world looking to fill empty rooms and quiet golfer courses.

Play twilight golf

Twilight does not refer to a series of popular teenage novels but simply to golf while the sun is going down. Many golf clubs dramatically lower their prices after 4pm in the afternoon and you can take advantage of the fact that other members are stuck in work or don't want to play when they can't see the ball.

Buy used clubs

Anything besides food and underwear can be bought used. Just as a car loses 60% of it's value once it is driven off the lot, the newest Callaway driver will be worth $100 less once you tee off with it for the first time. There is no shame is buying a set of second hand clubs that have been used and cared for by a fellow golfer.

Keep an eye out for deals

Websites and magazines always feature bargains on clubs, golf vacations, cheap green fees, etc. Golfers who find incredible deals are no different than the rest of us. All they do differently is look creatively at notice boards for once-in-a-lifetime deals.


If all of the above fails, you can always apply the skills that you have learned in business such as making counter offers and refusing first offers to save money. Remember that the sticker price is only the advertised price and not necessarily what the seller will accept for the item/experience.