Golf Instructions: Learning Key Positions

While the golf swing is a dynamic motion that doesn’t come to a stop once it starts, it is still made up of a collection of positions that need to be mastered in order to improve your game. If one of the positions in your swing is out of place, it can through of the rest of your technique and lead to poor shots. A good golf swing is actually a compilation of several correct positions that are all put together into a one fluid motion.

So how do you know if one of your positions is off? The best way to figure out how to fix your swing is to review it on video tape. By taking a video of your swing and checking on some key positions, you will be better able to analyze what you are doing wrong. Just trying to ‘feel’ your mistakes while you are swinging the club is too difficult and can lead to a false diagnosis of your problems.

In order to help you get on track, there are three key positions listed below. Make sure you are in good shape at each of these three positions if you want to find success on the course.

  • Address position. The position that you stand in while you are getting ready to hit is perhaps the most important of them all. If you are in a poor address position before your swing, the chances of hitting a good shot go down dramatically. Standing with your knees bent, arms hanging down comfortably, and your feet square to the target line will put you on track for a successful swing.
  • Top of the backswing. At the exact moment when your club stops moving back and starts moving forward is a very important position. At this point, you want your club shaft to be pointing at the target and the clubface to be parallel with your left forearm (for a right-handed golfer). If you are able to hit those targets, while keeping your body in a position that is close to your address stance, you will be ready to strike with power and accuracy.
  • Finish position. Believe it or not, the finish position after the ball has left is still very important. It says a lot about the swing that led up to the finish, so balance and a full turn are key. You want to be on balance when you are done swinging, and have your belt buckle completely rotated and facing the target.