Golf Tip of the Day: How to Hit the Ball out a Divot

One of the most frustrating plays a golfer will deal with on the green is hitting a divot shot. Trying to hit a ball out of a small dent in the ground seems easy but it can be quite difficult without a proper strategy. Since many golfers can get frustrated quickly when this occurs, the first thing you want to do is remain calm so you can concentrate. You will need to consider where to hit the ball and how to do it. Once you get a grip on how these elements come together you may actually get good progress. Here are some pointers to help you review options on how to hit the ball out a divot.

  • Consider how to dig the ball out when you strike down to hit the ball. You will need to think about this for a minute before you take your shot. Consider the direction the club head needs to go and how to swing toward the ball with making it go deeper into the divot.
  • Avoid scooping or digging at the ball as you hit it. This will make your shot more difficult to achieve, but if you can keep your club head at a good angle as you swing this may be enough to push it out.
  • Go further back in your stance when you play it. Some prefer to go further back or toward the center. In other words consider changing your stance when you get ready to play the ball.
  • Switch clubs and go up one more. For example, if you are using a 6 iron you may want to use a 7 iron. The change in clubface and club head size can be utilized here for better ball contact.
  • Your front foot should take more weight as you keep the ball behind your hands. In other words the shaft of the club can lean forward just a bit. This helps club head get into a better position to hit the ball and potential avoid digging it out of the divot.
  • Use steep angle as you come in to swing. You can consider cocking your wrists as you make your backswing.
  • Think about the trajectory and how to make it lower to help it move out. The key here is to create lower trajectory to avoid digging at the ball when you make contact.