How To Stop Hitting Skull Shots: Golf Fundamentals

Skull shots not only result in a huge loss in distance, but they mess up your accuracy too. The skull shot is named so because it refers to a shot where the bottom edge of the clubface has hit the ball too high. Understanding where to aim the contact between clubface and ball is therefore very important in preventing a skulled shot.

Imagine the ball is not there

A major reason players hit skulled shots is because their clubface has reached a low point that is too high. In other words, instead of the bottom edge of the clubface hitting the grass, it hits the ball and sends it hurtling into a random direction. If you aim your clubface’s bottom edge to skim the grass underneath the ball, the face will automatically connect the ball on the sweet spot. Try imagining the ball to not be there at all, and just aim to skim the grass.

Don’t swing down – swing straight

You may also be skulling the ball because your downswing is not straight. This could be because you’re lifting your knees during the swing, not keeping your shoulders straight, or inadvertently trying to scoop the ball. Be conscious of all these aspects and try to train yourself to stop making any of these mistakes if you are.

Close your clubface

Think about it: If the bottom edge of your clubface is topping the ball, it’s highly likely that your clubface is too open and is therefore connecting the ball incorrectly. The clubface should be connecting the ball somewhere in the centre. This small area is called the sweet spot and will usually deliver the kind of shot you were aiming for.

Stance is also important

How you address the ball plays a major factor in where your clubface’s lowest point will be. Try to stay consistent in how you stand and how you swing. Make sure the ball is in the centre of your feet and do a few dummy shots just to be sure your clubface skims the grass at the right height.

Skulling the ball is usually a mistake made my amateur golfers, but it still happens to pros—so don’t get down on yourself when you hit one. The trick is to get into a good set of habits so that eventually, you won’t even be thinking about skulled shots at all.