Knowing the proper ball position for each club

The ball position will change depending on the type of club being used. This means if you attempt to play a certain hole and you use a certain driver to play, you will need to consider how the ball is placed on the ground. When the ball is positioned is crucial to getting great results after striking the ball. This means golfers will need to understand what elements will help the ball travel on the path it needs toward its intended target. The following points provide detailed information on how to set up your ball position.

  • Find diagrams to show you how to set ball position. You can find such ideas online or through reputable golf publications. It is important to find a good illustration to help you understand differences. There are also video tutorials online with brief insight on how to differentiate each set up position.
  • The ball position for your club will vary depending on distance. For instance, a way to help you remember position is to consider four ways you can position the ball. Since a driver can hit a ball the furthest across the grass the ball would be positioned furthest away from the tip of your leading foot. A 3 iron may be next, then a 7 iron and finally a sand wedge. Each position will be lesser than the one before it. Your stance will also help you determine how to place the ball for the club you are using.
  • You can do this exercise with a club. Take a club and lay it on the ground from left to right. You can place the ball at roughly a half an inch from your front foot (if you are left handed this would be your right foot). So if you have a 7 iron club it would be played about two inches from the center near the front foot. The driver, or your longest club, would be played from the inside of your front. Some golfers may play with this club off of their other foot instead.
  • Think about the length of each club. This will affect the distance you place the ball. The shorter the club the shorter the distance you will be from the ball. You will be closer to the ball as the length of your club gets shorter.