Golf Holidays In Albufeira: The Christy O'Connor Course

The Christy O’Connor golf course in Albufeira has some challenging factors that should be studied. If you are planning to play this course on your holiday to Portugal, then this article will highlight some of the areas you need to work on. Here’s some insight into this golf course.

Strategy will trump technique

This course will keep your mind working overtime by forcing you to plan each shot beforehand. It does this by arranging obstacles and course layout in such a way that careful strategy is needed. Even golfers who have their skills well practiced will find themselves wishing that they analyzed the hole before rushing into the shot. Remember this when playing and you may just beat your opponent—even if he or she is on a higher level than you.

Rocky and mountainous

Obstacles and outskirts include natural areas of rock and bush. Because the Christy O’Connor golf course has been carved out of a very mountainous area, it also contains a fair amount of slopes. All of these elements will add to the challenge of your game. Again, this is where strategy will come in. Even if you are adept at hitting the ball further than your opponent, accurate placement will result in a higher degree of long term success.

Stretching water hazards

You should be more worried about the length of the water hazards than those which are isolated throughout the Christy O’Connor golf course. Stretched out streams will plagued your careful planning along certain holes. A good skill to refine is the pitch shot, which will prevent your ball from rolling or bouncing into the water when you least expect it.

Show off at your own peril

It must be stressed that even if you feel your skills and shot power are better than most, strategy is the biggest influence to your success. Landing in the rough on this course can mean instant loss because of the ruggedness of the terrain. However, the fairways and greens are extremely well kept and will deliver a high quality golfing experience to those who are used to it.

So for a high standard of play and a game that will offer you a challenge, visit the Christy O’Connor golf course. It will teach you to strategize your game more diligently and prepare you for other courses that are difficult to navigate.