Playing a Short Golf Game in the Rain: Five Things You Should Know

Playing golf in the rain might not be quite as fun as playing on a bright sunny day, but it can still be a good time. In fact, if you live in certain parts of the world, playing in the rain is just part of the game – and you can actually get used to it quite quickly. For those who are new to playing golf while the rain falls, this article will offer a few pointers on how to best deal with it.

  • Bring your umbrella. This is an obvious point, but one that is important nonetheless. Having an umbrella in your bag is key to keep yourself, and your equipment, dry throughout the day. Obviously, you will have to put the umbrella down to hit your shots, but you can walk up the fairways with it over your head to avoid getting soaked.
  • Have an extra glove or two. One of the biggest challenges to playing in the rain is keeping a good grip on the golf club, so have an extra glove or two in your golf bag so you can change them out every few holes. It is a good idea to keep them in some kind of plastic bag so they don’t get wet even if a little water makes its way into your golf bag.
  • Play for skipping chip shots. When chipping in the rain, plan on your ball skipping off the grass a little more than it would normally. In wet conditions, the ball won’t grip the grass as much as usual, and therefore the first bounce on the green is likely to go a little further.
  • Play conservative. Everything is a little more difficult in the rain, so don’t try to pull off too many miracle shots while you are playing in the rain. Instead, pick the conservative target and make it your top priority to just keep the ball in play as much as possible. The rough becomes more difficult to play from when it gets wet, so keeping your ball on the short grass is important.
  • Have fun. Don’t let a little rain ruin a fun day out on the golf course. As long as you are prepared with a few extra items like an umbrella, extra gloves, and an extra towel, you should be able to enjoy the round and maybe even shoot a good score at the same time.