A Unique Golf Tutorial: Learning the Swing Basics

It is not necessary to understand all of the complicated swing theories related to the golf swing in order to hit good shots and play some good rounds. However, you should understand the basics of the golf swing so you aren’t making the game any harder than it needs to be. By following these few swing basics correctly, you can make sure you are giving your swing a good chance to succeed.

Below are a few of the basic elements that should be present in any quality golf swing. If you think you are lacking in any of these areas, head to the practice range and pay specific attention to making the necessary improvements.

  • Balance is your friend. If you only have one goal during your golf swing, it should be to have good balance from start to finish. When you stay on balance, you will have a much better chance of making solid contact with the ball, as well as maximizing your club head speed. Off-balance swings are rarely consistent, and often struggle with finding the middle of the clubface at impact.
  • Up with the driver, down with the irons. When you are hitting your driver off a tee, make sure to swing up through impact slightly. This ascending blow will help you get a good launch angle on your shot without too much backspin. When hitting an iron shot from the fairway, however, just the opposite is true. You want to hit down into your iron shots so the ball will climb up the clubface and be launched into the air with plenty of backspin. That spin will help keep the ball in the air longer, as well as help it to stop quickly when it lands.
  • Keep a smooth tempo. No matter how far you are trying to hit the ball, keep your focus on maintaining a smooth tempo throughout your swing. If you rush your backswing, or your downswing, you could have trouble making good contact and keeping your shots online. Also, a rushed tempo can cause problems with your balance, sending your swing further out of whack. Even when you are trying to hit a long drive down the fairway, make sure you maintain a comfortable tempo that feels natural and smooth. Work on perfecting your tempo on the driving range so you are confident when you take your swing out onto the course.