How To Perform A High Fairway Bunker Shot

Performing a high fairway bunker shot is something many golfers dread doing. Few do not like playing their ball from the sand. This element is not easy but there are ways to tackle the challenge to achieve good results. Most players use a sand wedge to help them play this shot, but experts say should consider making changes to the sand wedge you use. The following points offer more details on how to perform a high fairway bunker shot.

How Is Your Posture, Alignment, Ball Position and Grip at Setup?

Performing a high fairway bunker shot is more than just swinging your club really hard. There are so many elements to think about that make a difference in the final result. For example, your posture helps you retain control and it helps you to help your club follow the plane necessary for the clubhead to travel when you swing. Standing straight gives you more control of your swing. Your posture has a lot to do with your alignment. If you are not aligned correctly from the ball and have poor posture the shot will have a poor result since the clubhead is not in line with the ball.

Do you have a routine you do before taking your shot? This can help you establish your grip and ball position necessary when you setup. Consider the distance the ball will travel and how your body is positioned to help you make the shot. The ball may be positioned slightly to your left to help you make contact as you swing through. Your grip is important since if you grip too tight that could force the ball to go too far or off to either side of the target.

Getting a Good Swing Motion for Promising Results

A good swing motion can be very helpful. This is a motion that should be consistent and completed all the way through. There are players who tend to stop early before the swing is complete. If you do so the ball may not move as fair or go as high as you anticipate. There are practice drills to consider that can help establish a good swing. You can get an idea of how well your swing motion by how the ball comes in contact with the clubface. Consider your legs, shoulders and arms before and after impact has been made.