5 Things To Keep In Mind About The Salgados Golf Course In Albufeira

Are you looking for a challenge for your golf game? Do you think it’s a bit boring playing the same course over and over again? Well, surely you are not alone and there are many people out there who think like you. There is nothing that should stop you from exploring the amazing world of golf! For one, your game wouldn’t be complete if you had never visited Portugal for a round. Let’s take Salgados course in Albufeira for example. It is surely one of the more difficult links course that would offer you a fair challenge and trust me, most people do struggle over there! If you want to have a better score there, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Plan your shot well ahead
  • Unlike the typical parkland course, Salgados is a water hazard intense links course. This means the ball will be bouncing around and there will be water around to trap you. That’s why you must think before you hit – there is no bailout! The idea is to hit away from these hazards and then shape the ball back. Expect to be hitting a lot of draws and fades!

  • Hit low shots whenever possible
  • Strong wind really defines a links course. If you hit the ball high up in the air, there is a good chance that you’ll never see it again. And yes, it’s that bad! That’s why you should be hitting those little low punches where the ball just gets 20 feet off the ground. That would be the ideal shot around here at the Salgados.

  • Don’t go for every pin
  • It’s a links course and if being careless would get you into trouble. It might be tempting for you to go for the flagstick all the time, but to be honest; the goal is to survive on a links course – not to score. Make sure you can put your ball in a safe area and just save par – at least try. Don’t push your luck for birdies!

  • Bring a lot of balls
  • No matter how skilled you are there is still a chance that you will lose golf balls. Just as a back up plan, bring a few more with you in the bag!

  • Stay calm and don’t get angry
  • This course will get to you – it will be frustrating because of how hard it is to play golf there. But that’s precisely why you must remain calm and ensure that you can think clearly. An angry person won’t be able to do that!