How To Make A Perfect Swing When Hitting A Drive

When playing on the green and you get a good result after playing your shot, it shows when you know how to play with your drive. It seems simple when watching other players do it, especially when it includes hitting the ball straight but it is more than that. Elements such as a good swing, grip and proper stance all play an important part in creating the hit you need to hit a successful shot. Here are some tips on how to create a good swing when hitting a drive.

Keep Takeaway Slow and Low

This is almost self-explanatory but golfers tend to have a problem in keeping the club where it should be. Don’t lift club too fast when swinging back. The back part of the club should aim straight in the air as you take it back. When you move slower it is easier to keep the club low to ensure contact. But moving it too fast could take the clubhead off its swing path leading to a poor swing.

Have Good Backswing and Downswing Motions

A good backswing and downswing motion includes a number of components at the same time such as good transition, timing and consistent tempo. The club should be parallel to ground as it changes direction through swing. Your grip should be firm but arms and shoulders should assist in swinging through to obtain proper position of clubhead.

Good Flow Should Encourage Thorough Follow-Through

In short, when the club reaches the bottom of swing it should contact the ball. Finish the swing high when following through with the front of driver facing the sky. This is basically the golfer working to make a complete swing with thorough follow through but with more attention placed on the back and tip of the clubhead. You can practice this swing motion and look at the clubhead as you do it.

Practice on the Driving Range

Take time to improve this type of swing. Practice the swing motion when off the course just to get the feel of it and understand hands and arms, how they should move, and their placement. Consider exercises to help encourage good swing movement, and even drills to help achieve further distance. Overtime you should see improvement of how you move through the shot and how the shot is created.