Performing A Pitch Shot Out Of Hardpan: Tips For Golfers

Hitting pitch shot on a hard surface is always a difficult task, as it requires maximum control of the club and also the ability to anticipate how the club bounces off the surface. A slight miscalculation or poor execution will lead to a poor shot that could result in bogeys or worse. Therefore, you will need quite a bit of practice and knowledge before you can master this shot. Here are a few tips for you and you should keep these in mind when you are playing a pitch shot out of a hardpan lie.

Commonly in the UK…

Hardpan lies are usually found in the UK or any links course around the world. The surface is blown dry by the wind and it can be difficult to play this shot. With sufficient practice though, it becomes easy. First off, you need a good wedge. For example, a wedge with a low bounce angle will be needed; otherwise the club will simply bounce off the surface and you would stone cold top the ball. Having the right equipment is the key to success.

Strike down on the ball

Because the ball is sitting on a hardpan lie, you cannot afford to scoop it or else you risk hitting the ball everywhere. However, if you are able to commit to the shot and strike down on it, you would not only hit a clean, crisp shot; you will also be able to get tonnes of spin from the shot and play the pitch like a professional golfer. That’s why you need to practice and get this perfect, if not, you might just hit the ball very inconsistently, which is not good.

Shorten your swing

You need a crisp action for this shot, and you don’t want a long swing. Keep your swing short and compact and that will help you hit wonderful shots all the time and it’s not even that hard. Obviously it could be a difficult task when you are adjusting it, but once you get used to it, it will become a lot easier and there is nothing stopping you from playing good shots. Though you should always beware of the environment and adjust your setup positions accordingly and don’t let the wind take your ball! Always keep the spin to a minimal!