How to Establish a Proper Impact Position in Golf

The impact position is often called the ‘moment of truth’, and for good reason. Everything you have done in your golf swing up to that point has laid the groundwork for the shot you are about to hit. If you have done everything properly, you should be able to look up and see the ball flying perfectly toward the target. However, if something has gone wrong along the way, the results are sure to be disappointing. Pay attention to your impact position when you practice your swing as it can reveal faults that you need to correct.

Getting into a proper impact position is a challenge, but it can be done. The following tips should help you get there –

  • Stay on your front leg. For a right handed golfer, the left leg is the front leg in the golf swing (obviously, it is the right leg for a left handed player). Getting your weight mostly onto your front leg at impact is important for a couple of reasons. First, it shows that you have been moving aggressively toward the target in your downswing. Also, it allows you to hit down through the shot with your hands ahead of the ball at impact, which is a crucial piece of the puzzle.
  • Eyes down on the ball. This is one of the first lessons you learn as a golfer, but it is still important. Make sure at impact that your eyes on trained on the ball and that you actually see the club make impact. It is okay if your head is moving around a little bit through impact, as long as your eyes remain focused on the ball until it leaves the club face. To practice this, start by hitting short chip shots and work all the way up to a full swing with the driver.
  • Stay off your toes. Some golfers have a tendency to stand up onto their toes at impact, and it can make achieving solid contact quite difficult. If you have noticed this habit in your own swing, work on correcting it so that you remain more flat-footed through the impact position (especially on your front leg). It might feel like you are generating more power through the ball when you stand up onto your toes, but it reality you are only making it more difficult to achieve solid contact.