Interesting Golf Practice Drills To Increase Your Stamina

One of the first things that new golfers find out about the sport is that it really tests your stamina and endurance. Even if you choose to use a cart around the course, golf can really make you tired, especially after 18 holes. As with any sport, increasing your stamina and fitness will go a long way to improving your overall game. In this article, we will be looking at a few things to focus on to achieve this.

Focus on some cardio

Having a cardio-exercise based program will do wonders for your stamina and your golf game. If you have nothing in place at the moment, begin by walking the course each time you play, instead of using a golf cart. Sure it will be tiring in the beginning, but it will definitely help to build up your stamina.

On the days you are not playing golf, do some cardio-specific exercises. Pick one that you like from cycling, running, walking or swimming. Do this for around 30 minutes per day but remember to include a rest day. Of course, if you are not very fit, rather start off slowly and build up towards 30 minutes sessions. Swimming is a great exercise because of its low impact on the joints as well as the fact that it uses every muscle in your body.

Strengthen those muscles

Golf uses a variety of muscles in your body. By strengthening them, you will notice a difference in your golf game. To do this effectively, try a series of weight programs at your local gym, or use resistance bands at home. Other exercises to focus on include seated rows to build up crucial back muscles and wrist curls to help with your swing amongst others. While you are at the gym, focus on other exercises as well, such as squats, step-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups. All of these will help to build your stamina.

Don’t forget to stretch

Stretching is often an overlooked aspect of golf, especially by new players. Make sure you stretch before every round or practice session. This not only will help to prevent injury, but it will ensure that your muscles are warmed up properly. It will also fight off the onset of fatigue as your round goes on, especially for the last third. Stretching exercises can vary, but find some that you find work for you.

By improving your stamina, you will immediately notice a difference out on the course, not only physically, but in your mental game as well. A fit golfer is a far better golfer!