How to Select Clubs for Your Long Shots in Golf

Many golfers making long shots need to know the significance of using the right iron. There are different irons that can hit great distances, but if you don’t use them properly based on how they are designed, you could put yourself at a disadvantage when taking shots. The good news is there are simple ways to help you find the right club for long shots. You may find it helpful to observe players making long shots and the type of club they use. Here are some tips for additional guidance.

Review Each Type of Golf Club and Know Hitting Distance

There are different types of golf clubs to consider for long shots. This varies for men and women. In many cases men will create more distance than women. So when you choose your iron, it helps to understand the potential distance you can achieve with each iron you use. For example, a 4 iron can create distance of roughly 170 yards (this may be roughly 120 yards for a female).

The bigger the iron the shorter the distance, but you could use a sand wedge or pitching wedge to get 100 yards (if this is all you need to make your shot). A driver could help you hit about 230 yards and a 3 wood could get distance of 215 yards.

Try a Few Irons to Get a Feel for How Far You Can Hit with It

The best way to understand how to select your club is to use a few to see what happens. You can use a few irons and switch up your swing technique and setup. As you do this you will get a general idea of what each iron does. You may have an idea of which irons to consider as your favorite. You will also want to make sure you know which iron to go to depending on the distance of the target on the course.

Pay Attention to How the Ball and the Iron Meet on the Ground (Lie)

One element to keep in mind is how the ball is positioned on the course. This makes a difference in how you setup for your shot. This also affects how you position your club head. There are different types of lie (uphill lie, downhill lie, buried lie, etc.) you want to become familiar with so you can change your technique as necessary.