A Manual on How to Hit Straight Drives in Golf

Distance is great, and you have probably already spend a lot of your time as a golfer working on the ability to hit the ball farther. However, without the ability to hit straight drives as well as long ones, you will never be able to reach your goals as a golfer. In fact, accuracy is more important than distance, as shots played from the fairway are almost always easier than those played from the rough – even if you have to sacrifice distance in the process.

Hitting straight drives is a challenging task, but the following tips can help you improve your accuracy –

  • Quiet takeaway for a square club face. Using your hands in the takeaway might feel like a good way to add power, but in reality, it will only serve to open or close the club face and make hitting straight drives harder. The better method is to keep your hands quiet and use your shoulders to rotate the club into the backswing. At first this method will feel weak, but stick with it and hit some practice shots on the driving range. Once you get comfortable with taking your hands out of the takeaway, you will learn how much easier it can be to hit straight drives.
  • Tee the ball lower. When hitting a driver that you really need to keep in the fairway – like on a hole with hazards on both sides – try teeing the ball lower to the ground to add control. When the ball is teed up high, it can help to add distance, but usually at the expense of accuracy. Keep it teed up low and focus on solid contact to improve your control. It is important to understand that you will probably lose five or ten yards when you take this approach, but it will be worth it when you end up in the fairway.
  • Move the ball back in your stance. Just moving the ball back two or three inches in your stance can do wonders for the amount of control you will have over the ball. Of course, just like with teeing the ball lower, you will probably lose a few yards of distance with this tip as well. Again, you can pick and choose which holes you use this method based on how much control you need to hit the fairway vs. how much distance you need to get into good position.