Golf Tips for Beginners: Developing Your Long Game Strategy

Be prepared to play and lose—A LOT

Before you ever become as good at golf as you’d like, you will have to come to terms with the fact that you must play and lose many games. Once you’ve made peace with this, you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert player who is willing to learn and stretch him/herself continuously. Participating in real golf games will also teach you how important a role your long game plays in your overall performance.

Regular visits to a driving range

In addition to playing real games as much as possible, get into the routine of visiting your nearest driving range at least once a week. Keeping factors such as positioning, grip, stroke and posture fresh in your mind will create healthy habits that will benefit your long game in general.

Aim with your feet

Pay close attention to your position before making a shot. Your feet must be straight and the tips of your shoes should line up with each other. Place an imaginary straight line against the front of your shoes before using your driver. Ask yourself if the line is pointing to where you want to aim the ball. If not, realign your feet appropriately. Don’t forget to factor in the wind when aiming, since your ball will be reaching high up into the air.

Stand behind the ball

Using your driver is different to all your other clubs. When hitting the ball with your driver, always stand slightly behind the ball—as opposed to having the ball line up with the centre of your two feet. Standing behind the ball will provide you with more power in driving the ball forward.

Keep your head down

All golfers get a bit too hasty in wanting to see where their drive shot is headed. Get into the habit of keeping your head down for one second after the ball has been hit. This forces you to focus on where the club connects, which in turn will positively affect where the ball ends up. Lifting your head too soon after a shot will affect your accuracy.

Make sure you practice these tips on an actual golf course—even better if you have someone to play with. Don’t worry too much about losing lots of games. The more you play real golf, the better you will become at implementing all these pointers.