Making your very first golf shot

Avid golfers enjoy sinking shots on the course once they get their game strategy perfected. But, amateur golfers looking to make their first shot may have a few things to consider. It can look easy being on the sideline of the golf course watching an experienced golfer sink a shot. There are a few things that you can do that many experts have done themselves to not only make their first shot, but to work toward making many more in the future while further developing their skills. The following points are a few important elements you need in place to help you make your very first golf shot.

  • The right equipment. You need equipment you can get comfortable with on the course in order to help you make a good shot. Good equipment is important when considering trajectory, swing and your overall approach while on the course. This helps you build consistency with your skills as you tackle different challenges throughout the course.
  • Proper posture, stance, grip and swing. These elements can be tackled one at a time but they work collectively to help you land the shot you want and make the ball go where it needs to go. You need to have proper pressure with your grip. Your posture and how you stand behind the ball is important to help your backswing and to drive more power into to the golf club without getting physically worn out.
  • Put in time to practice your swing. There are different techniques to consider depending on the type of hole. You need to have a firm idea how to hold the golf club and how to follow through with your swing. Pay attention to body language and distance. You swing motion should be smooth and try not to break your wrists before the club makes contact with the ball.
  • Speed control is important but you can do so from your wrists instead of swinging the club harder. The movement is similar to what you would do while using a tennis racket.
  • Take your time and relax. Some beginners get so anxious they want to move faster to get the shot in instead of remaining focused. This can help you address the ball more efficiently while controlling your movements better. Take things one step at a time to avoid getting frustrated or confused. Overtime as your game gets more solid you will be able execute steps in an accelerated manner with better results.