Simple Solutions To Your Bunker Play Problems

Even seasoned players have problems hitting bunker shots, while amateurs dread them all together. Bunker play often involves tactic and strategic skill in order to maneuver the ball around or over hazards. The good news is in most cases you don’t have to do too much, no matter what the bunker situation looks like. It is a matter of making minor changes to your approach, your address and mental game. Here are several pointers to give insight on how to find suitable solutions to your bunker play problems for better results.

Pay Attention to Your Stance and Body Positioning before Taking Your Shot

Know your ball positioning and stance. This helps you pick up enough sand when you make your shot, but not too much or the ball may not move very far. For instance, right hand players can consider placing the ball left of their stance. This helps the club make better contact with the ball as you swing through. When playing the ball off the sand try to pick up a little sand through your swing. If you pick up too much sand you will see a lacking result.

Maintain Control through Your Backswing but Keep It to a Minimum

Watch your backswing and keep it shallow. Avoid being steep when you come down on the ball. A shallow sweep can help you move the ball, but pay attention to your lead shoulder. It should be just behind your ear as you set in to swing through. This helps establish a swing plane for your club that is shallow and result in scooping sand on contact. A shorter backswing helps push the ball out and up when your movement is shallow in nature. This is helpful when the ball is in a tight position.

Practice the Shot at Knee Level and Pay Close Attention to Body Movement and Motion

Make practice shots on your knees. This may seem out of the ordinary but in a practice bunker this helps you understand body positioning. It helps you be aware of what you should be doing when you are standing. Position yourself club length away from the ball and kneel down when practicing. Your lower body should be quiet and you should make good contact in the sand. Practicing your shots overall should help you understand correct body positioning.