How to Increase the Power of your Iron Shots

The secret behind irons

Iron clubs are a tricky thing to adapt. Sometimes, you feel like hitting the ball under a tree, but it flies high up in air. At other times, you feel like giving a high approach shot, and the ball hardly gets airborne. The reason is that the amateurs are not able to differentiate between their instinct and the correct method of hitting the ball. The instincts of a beginner may not be always right.

To give a solid hit with an iron, you need to compress the golf ball between the clubface and the ground. The backspin that is produced due to this action, along with the loft of club, makes the golf ball rise high. A few tips mentioned below will help you handle your iron well:

Your divot can teach you

You should hit the ball before you hit the ground. When you are at the course, the tee should be pressed into the ground about an inch outside the target line. Use a 7-iron to hit the ball. If you hit the ball first, the divot will be formed on the side of target of the tee. If the divot is formed a little behind the tee, it is definite that you have hit it wrong, and sacrificed on its accuracy and distance. If the entire divot is formed behind the tee, it is a very bad shot. Try practicing ten shots continuously with the divot beginning at the side of target of the tee.

The normal set up

When the climate is not windy, the normal set up is to keep your feet apart similar to your shoulder width. The shaft should be leaning a little towards the aim. The body should be kept in a relaxed position. It is important to employ a straight trajectory for the ball. By doing this, you can shorten the course and lower your score.

Position the ball in the correct place. The correct placement ensures that the club will supply great power to your shot. For middle irons, the ball should be kept slightly farther from the middle of your stance. Your arms should be kept straight when you downswing the long iron. You can also turn your hips while hitting the ball. Lay pressure on the ball. By doing this, you are moving your weight in the direction you aim to hit. Now hit the ball.

Consistent practice and perseverance is the key to master the irons. You need to assess regularly while you play with iron clubs.