Advanced Golf Tips On How To Hit The Ball From Behind A Tree

A golf course with plenty of trees and bushes can make the course look more attractive. But, the challenge begins when your ball needs to be played from behind or beside them. Even golfers that are calm and collected on the course feel the pressure when making such plays. Many want to try and make this shot with as little penalty strokes as possible. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to improve your game and make things easier when approaching this shot. Here are some pointers to help you get good results.

What to Consider When Playing Close or Near a Tree Trunk

Playing near a tree could pose some risks that may make your play quite tricky. If you are near a tree or a bush consider what is around in the immediate area. For instance, are there roots sticking up from the ground? Does the ground seem leveled or bumpy? How is the ball sitting? Will you be able to get a solid hit with your club from where the ball rests? You have some thinking to do as you review the area. You should also consider your position near the trunk and how much of your target is visible.

What If the Tree Has Obstructions or Hanging Branches?

If the tree has obstructions such as hanging branches consider your options. You should be able to make your play with your target in clear view. In some cases a hanging branch is nothing to worry about, unless you can’t reach it to make a solid hit onto the green. If you are able to play with an obstruction be sure you have enough space to swing and establish good form when you approach the ball.

Setting Up for the Ball and What to Do If You Feel the Shot is Not Possible

Try setting up for the ball as you normally would. You can change irons if possible to help you make a better shot. When you take your shot make sure nothing obstructs the path of the ball. If you determine it is impossible to make your shot the ball is likely to be declared unplayable. At this point a penalty stroke is added to the scorecard, but at the same time it is a lesson learned.