How To Choose A Good Hotel For Golf Holidays In Albufeira

There are plenty of fantastic hotels in Albufeira and knowing how to highlight them for a booking will prove helpful to golfers planning to holiday there. One never knows what is in store at a hotel when you have never stayed there before. Here are some ways you can guarantee a relatively good stay at a hotel that is comfortable and golf friendly.

Clarify the sleeping arrangements

Some hotels will book you under a six-sleeper only to provide you with two rooms and a sleeper couch. This is not ideal for most situations—especially if you have seniors staying there. Therefore, make sure you are clear on how many bedrooms there are and whether the beds are actual beds.

Don’t let travel spoil your stay

You will be playing golf during your holiday and will therefore be needing transport from your hotel room to your favourite golf course. If you aren’t staying at a hotel where the golf course is within walking distance, be sure to clarify transport arrangements with the hotel beforehand. Many hotels offer to arrange taxi services for their patrons. Let them know what your course times are and be sure they arrange transport at the correct intervals during your stay.

Ensure decent English is spoken

Unless you know how to speak Portuguese, it is best to ensure that all the staff at the hotel can speak and understand English. A good way to measure this is to gauge the conversation with the booking personnel. If their English is fine, be sure to ask them whether everyone else is as fluent.

Don’t argue about course times

When the time comes for a round of golf, it’s best to rest in the fact that the course is open for you to play. There is nothing more frustrating than a whole lot of people wanting to play at the same time. Be sure to book your favourite courses at the same time you booked your holiday. This way, you will know that your games are scheduled and know that nobody will be hindering you while you play.

Once you find a good hotel in Albufeira, you will be going back year after year to relive that same experience. Therefore make sure your first stay is a good one—because your accommodation should be as relaxing as your golf.