Little Secret Tips On Bunker Ball Position For Newbies In Golf

Newbies in golf may find it a little intimidating to deal with a bunker shot. Even professionals still find this play challenging since elements change from play to play. This play can be a little deceiving since golf experts say this is one of the easier shots to make in golf. For the most part, it helps to have a good mindset and a game plan to help get through it. When you break down aspects of the bunker ball it comes down to attitude, body position and how you swing the ball.

Be Positive

It can be hard trying to be positive when you are new to the game. You may get intimidated hearing about professionals struggling in the same area. This is okay. Try shifting attention to your attitude. Are you approaching the play with a positive outlook? Your attitude can sometimes show in how you make the play. Think about getting the ball on the green. Be realistic about your abilities. Don’t try and force the iron in the sand. Be calm and maintain good stance that isn’t too wide. Your stance alone can display your attitude.

Body Position

Do you pay attention to the position of your body when attempting a bunker ball play? In some cases it may not be necessary to widen your stance, but more so paying attention to how you grip your club and positioning of the clubhead. If you are in a good position overall you should be able to maintain your clubface in the right direction as you move to swing through. Your knees should flex slightly and be roughly the same width as your shoulders. There are visuals online through quality golf websites offering more insight. Practice your stance position to help get comfortable with it.


The bunker ball shot will rely on your backswing. It is suggested to consider a half back swing. This lets you stay in line with ball, but also give it a solid hit. Consider the area behind the ball. Focus on the area behind the ball (this is roughly 2 to 4 inches). When getting into position you may feel as if you are going to hit a pitch shot. Your shoulders should rotate as you come in to hit the ball and swing. You can practice this motion to help get used to the feeling.