Useful Golf Advice: Taking Control of the Clubface

Controlling the position of the clubface throughout the swing is an important ability, because the position of the clubface at impact is ultimately what will dictate the direction of the ball flight. If you have a clubface that is moving all around during your swing, it can be very difficult to ‘square it up’ at impact and hit a good shot. Even if you are able to get it square from time to time, consistency will always be elusive.

Below are three swing tips that will help you to gain control over the clubface and hopefully find added consistency in your ball striking.

  • Strengthen your grip. For right handed golfers, a stronger grip means turning your left hand to the right when you take your grip. This slight change will make it easier to keep the clubface square and not have it rotate as much during the swing. Any change to your grip will take a period of time to become comfortable, so don’t get frustrated if the adjustment is difficult to make at first. Practice with your new grip on the driving range until you are confident enough to take it out on the course.
  • Rotate more with torso. The less your hands are used in the golf swing, the easier it will be to control the clubface. To make that happen, focus on using your shoulders and torso to rotate in the backswing. Many amateur golfers make the mistake of using mostly their hands and arms to swing the club back, which leads to inconsistent positions and poor ball striking. Try using your upper body as a whole to turn the club away from the target and you will be in a more powerful position to start the downswing.
  • Don’t over-swing. When you swing too hard, and make your swing too long, it is easy to lose control of the clubface. You might be surprised at how short your backswing can be while still hitting a powerful golf shot. Rotate away from the target as far as you are comfortable, but make sure not to overdo it. Once the club starts to get wrapped too far around your back, the clubface will naturally rotate and you will have to return it to square at some point on the way down toward impact. Keep your backswing tighter and the result should be improved consistency.