Golf Tutorial: How to Pitch inside 100 Yards

While it is fun to hit long drives off the tee, you are going to see more impact on your scorecard by having a well-rounded game that is effective all over the course. One of the important places that most amateur golfers can stand to improve on is from 100 yards and in. These mid-range pitch shots are challenging for many new golfers, but you can improve with some practice and good technique. Once you get comfortable with these shots, you will start to look forward to them so you can show off your talent and hit the ball close to the hole.

The following three step program is a great place to start when building your pitching game from 100 yards and in.

Step One – Pick a Single Club

It is a good idea to hit all of your pitch shots from inside 100 yards with the same wedge. That way, you can become comfortable with the club and get a good feeling for how far it will fly each time you hit it. A popular choice is a 56* wedge, but it is really up to you and what you are comfortable with. Try hitting pitch shots with a few different wedges and select the one that you have the most success with.

Step Two – Open Your Stance

It is hard to hit good pitch shots from a square stance, so open up your feet to the target line. This will accomplish two goals. First, it will give you a better view of the target and make it easier to get the shot aimed properly. Second, it will promote a slightly out-to-in swing path, helping you to slice under the ball and get it up into the air softly. You want your pitch shots to land gently on the green, and a little bit of ‘cut’ spin is a great way to accomplish that goal.

Step Three – Keep Your Head Down

You will probably be tempted to look up early and see how the shot is doing – but resist that feeling and make sure to keep your head down until the ball is gone. When you look up early, many bad things can happen including shanking the shot or topping it and having it never get off the ground at all. Lock your eyes on the ball at the start of your swing, and don’t let them leave until you have made impact.