General Tips For Hitting The Bump And Run Shot

The bump and run is all about landing a shot that continues to run towards your target. There are some mental preparations you must make before attempting this shot as well as grip and stance techniques. Follow these steps and practice them to ensure a perfect bump and run every time.

Remember the bounces

Bear in mind that before the ball runs to where you want, it will bounce at least once or twice. This is an important part of the shot because the ball must land before it can direct itself to your target. Keep this in mind when making this shot and try to make that initial landing towards your desired direction.

Use an iron for the bump and run shot

Wedges are not ideal for this particular shot. A nine-iron is usually the right way to go. If the ball is quite far away, you can use an eight- or seven-iron too. Remember that you will not be making a full swing but rather you’ll be using your iron almost the same way you use a putter—so don’t worry about the power too much.

Ball to be slightly back in your stance

Stand slightly forward from where the ball is. Your feet will be fairly close to the ball. Again, approach this shot similar to a putt. Feet close to the ball, together and legs tight together too.

Turn slightly forward with your feet

Now turn your feet slightly to the left of the target. Not too much or you will add too much tightness to your stance. Your weight will also be slightly more distributed on the left foot. Don’t change your weight during the swing—rather remain stiff as you would during a putt shot.

Push your grip slightly forward

Position your club head first before establishing your grip. This will ensure that your aim is correct and give you a greater chance of sinking the ball on this shot. That being said, don’t try too hard to sink the ball. Just aim to get close to the hole. If you happen to sink it, bonus!

Arms and shoulders for the correct speed and distance

Your arms and shoulders are the only two body parts that are not stiff. Make the shot and aim to have the ball bounce twice. It should then automatically role towards your target making the next shot a no-brainer.