Golf Swing Secrets: What Depends on Your Spine Angle?

Spine angle has a lot to do with the success or failure of your golf swing. When you are able to keep a consistent spine angle throughout your swing, you will find that the challenge of making solid contact becomes much easier. On the other hand, if your spine angle is moving up or down during your swing, it can be difficult to hit any solid shots at all. Don’t make the game any harder than it has to be – work on maintaining a consistent spine angle through the shot and your ball striking should quickly improve.

Following are a few elements of your golf game that are directly impacted by spine angle –

  • Power. Golf is a rotational game, and the power that you are able to generate in your swing is directly related to how fast you can rotate. If your spine angle is moving up and down during the swing, that movement is taking away from your rotational speed. On the other hand, if you keep it steady, there will be nothing stopping you from rotating to the best of your ability and unleashing all of your potential power into the ball.
  • Clean impact with the ball. If you are going to find success on the golf course, you need to be able to contact the ball cleanly with your club face swing after swing. Poor contact means that your shots won’t fly the right distance, and they will often be off line. Maintaining your spine angle is a key component of hitting the ball solid on every swing because your body will be in a stable position and you won’t have to make any last second adjustments to your mechanics in order to find the sweet spot of the club.
  • Short game. An underrated part of holding a solid spine angle is playing well in the short game. For the same reason you need a good spine angle on your full swings – to make solid contact – you also need to hold a steady spine angle throughout your chip shots and putts. Good contact in the short game makes it easier to predict distance, and also helps to start the ball on the right line. No matter what kind of shot you are hitting anywhere around the golf course, remember that a steady spine angle is going to play an important role in your success or failure.