How to Eliminate the Fat Chip Shot from Your Game

If there is one mistake that most amateur golfers deal with in the short game, it is the fat chip shot. The fat chip is a frustrating mistake to make because it often leaves the ball short of the green, meaning you will have to hit another chip just to get on the green. Even if your fat chip shot does reach the green, it is likely to end up short of the hole. To be a reliable chipper of the ball, you will need to be able to make solid contact no matter what kind of lie you are facing.

To work on your chipping technique and take the fat chip out of your game, try using the tips below.

  • Don’t let your eyes drift. Keeping your eye on the ball is one of the best things you can do to avoid making fat contact with the ball on a chip shot. If you allow your eyes to move away from the ball during your backswing, there is a possibility that your center of gravity will drift away from the target as well. If that happens, the club will almost certainly hit the ground before the ball. Keep your eyes focused right on the ball during your swing and your number of fat chip shots should quickly decrease.
  • Keep the club moving. It is essential to accelerate the club head through the impact area when you hit a chip shot. If you should allow the club to slow down at all as it approaches the ball, it may not have enough speed to move through the grass and hit the ball solidly. Even if you do everything else right, the deceleration of the club head could be enough to cause a poor shot. Commit to the shot and move the club head aggressively through impact toward the target.
  • Get a wedge with bounce. Sometimes, a fix to a problem like fat chip shots can be as simple as a change of equipment. If you are struggling with hitting too many of your chip shots fat, you may want to look for a wedge with more bounce angle on the sole. The bounce on the bottom of the club will help the club to glide along the top of the grass instead of sticking into the dirt. While extra bounce won’t save you from all swing faults, it can help turn a poor shot into a better one.