Hitting The Stinger: 5 Tips You Would Not Want To Miss

Golf is a game that requires a lot of concentration as there are a number of shots that are played by different players and every shot has a different style that is to be adapted before hitting the ball. The player in this game faces different scenarios and there are different shots for those scenarios as only one shot cannot help you finish the game. Just like many shots, there is a famous shot that is known by the name, Stinger Shot. Stinger shot is a long range shot which travels at a low height above the ground and covers a long distance once it lands on the ground. It is usually played when the wind is blowing fast and a heighted shot may get deflected from the target due to the cross wind. Here are 5 Tips which should be kept in mind while playing such shots.

  1. The first thing of all is the alignment of your body. You should always align your body to the right of the target. Your body basically includes your feet and your shoulders.
  2. After adapting your position, you should start aiming towards the target. Aiming is really very important and the imaginary line you draw between you and your target must be accurate as everything depends on this line. After drawing the imaginary line, stand parallel to that line. You should make sure that the club face is closed during the address and then you can re-grip the shaft or the club again.
  3. Ball positioning is another important part of this shot. The ball should be positioned around 4 inches back from the middle of your stance. This will help the resulting shot travel at a low height and the shot will be more controlled and will cover more distance.
  4. Backswing is another important thing once you are all set with the posture. You should backswing the club in such a way that its grip reaches your ear. This will give the club time for a longer swing and hence, the resulting shot will be powerful.
  5. Last step is the downswing which is very important as it’s the finishing touch. During the downswing, do not rush and try to keep the follow through really short. As the ball is behind the normal position, the club will automatically follow your hands which will help in a low shot. Also, try to keep the follow through, closer to the ground.